Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Hazel, 10, has recently divorced parents, a very busy mom, and a tough time at school.   She gets by with the help of her one amazing friend and neighbor, Jack, who goes through a radical and unfriendly change.   A tiny shard of evil mirror gets stuck in Jack and he is drawn into the forest by the powerful snow queen.   Bravely, Hazel decides to go in after him even though she thinks that he has moved on from their friendship.

The realistic fiction and fantasy fit nicely side by side partly because Hazel is an insightful and funny narrator.   This book would be appreciated by people who liked Coraline and When You Reach Me (and these books are mentioned in the story, along with others).

More library resources online, more computers


The library has some exciting new additions!  We now have double the number of computers for student use.  Three new, large-screen Macs are available for students to do online research, use digital tools, find library books and more.  This will allow more students to work simultaneously in the library and get help.

There are many online resources for finding good information cleverly hidden in this website under the RESOURCES tab such as online encyclopedias found in search tools and databases and useful websites that can be helpful for homework.  More online resources for creating or organizing information can also be found in TECH TOOLS (in bar above) – but please suggest other resources, request others, and more students can have access.

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