15 02 2013

Step One: Stop by room 208 next to the main office.

Step Two: Feel free to borrow a book on the honor system

Step Three: Please try to limit borrowing time to 2 weeks

Step Four: (Optional, but definitely encouraged) Leave a book to share with other readers in our community
(Please do not leave more than two books at a time — no textbooks, workbooks, or battered books.)

Celebrate the joy of reading and sharing!


Blizzard!: The Storm that Changed America by Jim Murphy

9 02 2013

March 10, 1888, a massive blizzard struck the East Coast between Maine and Maryland. Through the personal accounts of individual people (including a couple of kids) who are surprised to deal with the extremes of temperature and massive amounts of snow, the author focuses most on the New York City area.  With helpful photographs and background about how people shopped, worked, and got around, the storm’s danger is fascinating, especially the attempts at crossing the frozen East River by foot.

4 Things To Know About Reading

6 02 2013

“But once children become independent readers, we often encourage them to read quietly alone. Older children and adults can enjoy hearing a story aloud, too (why else would audio books still exist?), and all readers need time to talk about what they are reading to develop deeper understandings of it.”

Read more from The Indiana Partnership for Young Writers.

Digital Literacy and Parenting in the Digital Age, Continued

5 02 2013

Some Digital Literacy News

Thoughts from Common Sense Media on Gender Stereotypes in the Digital Age.

In February, join Susan Linn of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood at the 92nd Street Y:

Monday, February 11 – 12 noon
“Raising Children in a Digitized and Commercialized World: Challenges for Parents and How to Meet Them”
As part of the 92nd Street Y Parenting Conference, Feb. 11-12
Kaufmann Concert Hall, Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street
One-day and full registration available at:

As the BNS/BCS library develops its own digital literacy curriculum and programming, and as our children engage more and more online, check out “A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age”.

And because we will always love curling up with an actual book, get inspired by these lovely reading nooks and book recs for all ages!

Game On! Open Library a Big Hit With Kids and Adults

4 02 2013
Lots of families played board games like Sorry!

Lots of families played board games like Sorry!

Some kids read stories together.

Some kids read stories together.

4th graders field-tested a database.

4th graders field-tested a database.

It was a great time to do homework.

It was a great time to do homework.