The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: FIRST LIGHT by Rebecca Stead

First Light  by  Rebecca SteadFIRST LIGHT

Author: Rebecca Stead
Reviewed by Adedayo and Dexter

Have you ever imagined a world made of ice? Well, Thea didn’t have to imagine it. She lived in it! The only transportation is dog sleds and skates. No trains, no buses. On the other hand, however, Peter lives in the big Apple, full of possibilities! But there are also many problems. Thea thinks she has the perfect family as she skates to her council meeting. Then, when she gets there, her very own grandmother humiliates her in front of the whole village, speaking of which is only about 400-800 people! Where Peter lives, the whole population is 8000000!!! As this imperfection in her day haunts Thea, she walks home and a couple days later, this imperfection stretches across her whole family as she finally learns the truth she’s been yearning for. She wonders what to do, as her grandmother becomes less trustworthy. Can she fix her own family?

Peter loves his family, and home. However, his mother has constant headaches and his father is a school professor, teaching- as far as Peter is concerned-pretty darn boring stuff! This also means that his father is almost always out! Suddenly, without warning, Peter inherits his mothers headaches! Mysteriously, before his tenth headache, however, a weird fluttering sensation appears and- looking out his window- he can no longer see the next door neighbors brick buildings, but a little boy, cutting his own hair with very sharp scissors! According to Peter it all was a dream-or was it?

The next day, he walks down to his favorite shop with his best friend Miles. On the way back he stops at a street corner with two other women, one holding the hand of a boy who had a very odd haircut! The woman was talking to her companion, something about leaving her boy with scissors. Could it be? Peter wondered. Could it?

I think you would like this book if you love to read books with plenty of mysteries and maybe even more red herrings! This book may relate to one of your own experiences, as it also informs you about “real life.” It makes you ask thoughtful questions as a reader such as “what is what we call
‘real life’?” It helps you reach your inner self and you can really understand the characters feelings, because again, you can sometimes relate to them. Also, in this book, you don’t really need to understand all the time and in Thea’s place, you don’t always understand things and I think this book teaches you that that’s O.K.


First Light is a book by Rebecca Stead. It is about two different people, Peter and Thea. Peter lives in New York City with his Mom and Dad. He goes to Greenland for six weeks because of his Dad’s work. Thea lives in a colony of about 600 people underneath Greenland in a place called Gracehope. She discovers some very important information, and meets Peter in Greenland.

Thea had come to the surface with her cousin, Mattias, who gets stuck in the ice and falls unconscious. When Peter finds them, he helps Thea get Mattias to safety.
It is a very good book with a lot of secrets, and this makes it very exciting. I would rate it four stars out of five.
Perfect for the chilly weather…So what are you waiting for? Check out FIRST LIGHT today!

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