The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: Katerina’s Wish by Jeannie Mobley

5 12 2013

KW+high+res+coverKATERINA’S WISH

    Author: Jeannie Mobley
    Reviewed by Esmé and Cameron

    “This book by Jeannie Mobley is a must-read. It takes you all the way back when a penny was worth much more. Jeannie Mobley wrote it so well that you think you are in the book and you are one of the characters. It is so clear, you can make many different scenes in your head, kind of like seeing a movie.

    This book has many different adventures that lead you to a happy conclusion, but are all of the adventures worthy?

    The main character, Katerina, is a warm-hearted girl at the age of thirteen. She is an enthusiastic girl, a girl with a big imagination and a girl who is always enthusiastic about things — such as her wish. She does of course make some mistakes, but some of those mistakes are useful.

    Katerina’s family has always been there for her, but do they believe in her wish?

    That is something you will never know! (Unless you read it.)

    Readers who enjoy adventure will love this book and they MUST read it!”

    “I thought this book was very emotional and even magical in its own way. The book’s setting is from like the 1800s. I can’t necessarily say that there was an actual main character because everyone had a big impact on each other. I thought this was a great book and I encourage you to read it!”

    Two rave reviews–check out KATERINA’S WISH while it’s hot!


5th Grade Review Club Reading for You

4 12 2013


A group of intrepid 5th grade readers is leading the charge into new and exciting story worlds. From the community and for the community, we meet to read and discuss some of the books in our well-stocked library that may go overlooked — and they will be here to share them with YOU. We’ll feature written and video reviews, original artwork, and more.

Our reviewers will offer you their true thoughts and honest opinions on all kinds of books new and classic. We hope to help our community uncover some of literature’s hidden gems. We also welcome your feedback, book suggestions, and ideas.


The first set of reviews will begin appearing right here on this blog in a matter of days,
so stay tuned!

Smartphones, Tablets, and Middle Schoolers

2 12 2013

“Middle schoolers are not old enough (or developmentally ready) to have as much freedom online as they often do these days. Think of these devices like cars: Before kids can drive them alone, they need to know the rules. They need clear roads with bright lines painted for them to show them where—and where not—to go.

In order for parents to teach these rules to our kids, many of us need a crash course in them ourselves—consider it a new technologies boot camp. If your middle schooler seems to be spending more time on Facebook or texting than she is in-person with her friends, this boot camp is for you.”

Read more on the Raising Happiness blog. Do you agree?


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