The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

avadayoReviewed by Adedayo and Ava

Tommy knows that the weirdest kid in school — and he is definitely the weirdest! — may be crazy or just plain old odd, so he decided to create a case file…the Case of Origami Yoda! Now I’m sure you wouldn’t know who the LEGENDARY Origami Yoda is, so let me tell you. Back to the weirdest kid in school, Dwight. He created his VERY OWN origami Yoda finger puppet, which is a big thing to be able to say, as nobody else has (in Tommy’s school). I mean, I guess it’s not the best Yoda on the Internet, but hey, it’s still a big deal! Origami Yoda gave advice to many characters in the book, but the thing is — is the advice coming from the finger puppet or Dwight? So anyway, Tommy (the main character) is collecting bunches of funny and meaningful stories to decide once for all if the finger puppet is really alive. One person thinks it isn’t, others are not so sure. IS ORIGAMI YODA REAL??????????origamiyoda

This book is for kids of all ages! It is an easy read that is a lot of fun! If you ever want to take a break, then this book is perfect for “chillaxing” in a lounge chair while sipping a cup of hot cocoa. I’m almost positive that you will LOVE this book!

Do you believe in fortune-tellers or psychics? Origami Yoda is a paper finger puppet that 6th grader Dwight had invented. Tommy, a fellow 6th grader, wasn’t sure to trust or believe in it. Dwight carries Origami Yoda on his finger all day. Most of the time people come up to Dwight and ask Origami Yoda for advice. Tommy decides to make a plan to prove if Origami Yoda’s advice is true or not. What would you do? Read the book and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a great book to read when you are sad, mad, or in a bad mood. It will make you smile, laugh, and feel happy. At times it can be frightening, getting you worried about the characters, what would happen to them.

This is a weird book but I mean it in a good way.

Readers! The Origami Yoda site is chock full of goodness, including instructions for making your very own Origami Yoda and more. This is a popular series with boys and girls — check it out today!

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