The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: Julia Gillian and The Art of Knowing by Alison McGhee

juliagillliancover Reviewed by Mikala

“When Julia looked at the green book, which stood o the shelves next to her bed, she felt frightened. The words were still there. They could be read any time.”

Julia Gillian and The Art of Knowing is about a girl named Julia who can’t find a book she enjoys. One day Julia finds a book she wants to read, and her father is very excited. She flips through the book and she sees the words “dog is broken.” Julia has a dog who is one year younger than the dog in her book, so she’s afraid her dog will die soon. After she reads the words “dog is broken” it makes her not read the book because the book scares her. Her parents are also going to summer school to become better teachers. As a result, she hasn’t gone to places she normally goes to over the summer. There are even more things in her life that are changing.

If you are facing many life changes this book might appeal to you. If you don’t like reading or if a book you started to read scares you, you might also like this book.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I think the author did a good job describing things and the story was very relatable to me because there were so many little moments where I knew that I had felt the same way as Julia. I think this book would appeal to many different people.

Thank you, Mikala! This is the first in a series, and if you read all three, we think you’ll realize that there’s at master storyteller at work. So what are you waiting for?

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