The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: The Detention Club by David Yoo

detentionclub Reviewed by Eoin

Detention is usually something kids dread getting but for the one and only Peter Lee, detention may be the key to getting popular again. When Peter and his best friend Drew enter middle school, they are almost immediately pegged, by the rest of their grade–and at one point the whole school!–as “losers.” To Peter and Drew, middle school is a big step down from grade school. Their scramble to get into the “cool” crowd becomes a hilarious adventure as written by David Yoo.

As our main character ventures farther into the mystery that is middle school life in general (which Peter’s genius and–or so he thinks—“popular” sister also attends). Peter and Drew sink even further down the social ladder than they could image. Things that made them “cool” in elementary school are now making them look like total nerds. They are obsessive collectors of mica, they are expert kickball players, they have lots of skills and interests. Or they thought they did, but apparently, as Peter says, their talents are “so last year.” But as the school year goes on (and Peter’s status doesn’t change), there is a well-known thief lurking in the mist of the students and soon the kids in detention see that all the evidence points to one person, a person who wants to get revenge on those who were mean, and they think that person is……(read the Detention Club to find out who is the prime suspect!)

This book is a funny read and, at points, exciting and suspenseful. The author captures the feeling of a scary transition from grade school to middle school with humor and sharpness. I would definitely recommend this book and it would not be a waste of time! Four and a half stars from me!

Thank you, Eoin! Hey, 5th graders — take note. This might be the perfect time to check this one out!

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