The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: LITTLE BLOG ON THE PRAIRIE by Cathleen Davitt Bell

littleblogReviewed by Esmé and Mikala

Have you been looking for a historical fiction must read? Well I think I found just the right book for you…

LITTLE BLOG ON THE PRAIRIE is indeed a must read with bunches and bunches of cliffhangers where you must not stop reading, you *have* to turn the page, it’s almost like the page reads, “You have to carry on!” or “Turn that page now, you know you want to!”

The Welsh family is supposedly going on a family vacation, but it isn’t just like any family vacation, they are going to take a plane ride to the 1890s, mom’s great persuading made them go. Gen and Gavin aren’t that happy about it, just taking away everything that the normal days would have — T.V., candy, phones, t-shirts, video games and so much more. But how would it feel going to a camp in the 1890s that didn’t allow iPods, phones, computers, sports, friends, or games! And not even that, but Gen’s aunt Betsy, uncle Ron, and annoying cousin Nora run the famp! So how does Gen think she can even survive the camp? When the Welches arrive, they are put into normal clothes people would wear in the olden days, for Gen, normal is crazy.

Luckily there is one good think that Gen likes about the camp — Caleb. The cutest boy ever, but at the same time Nora likes him too. Nora has always lived in this camp so she can tend to sometimes not understand Gen and Caleb. And well of course another good thing is that Gen sneaked in her new phone that her mom said not to touch before she got home but Gen didn’t listen and brought it so she could text her friends.

Cathleen Davitt Bell writes this book so well that you think the book is a movie and you’re in the movie, and it feels like you’re in the book. The book reads, “There was the late-night packing, the airport breakfast, the fighting with my little brother over the window seat, the chewing of three pieces of gum as the plane took off so my ears wouldn’t pop.” This shows that Cathleen has a lot of humor in her writing, which I am sure a lot of people like in books, right?

So if you happen to pass this book in the library…check it out!


Little Blog On The Prairie is about a girl named Jen. Jen’s mom plans a vacation for the family over the summer. Jen is excited to see her cousin Nora for the first time because she lives at the vacation place where they are going. When they get there Jen learns that they are staying at a camp where everyone pretends it’s the 1890s! They live like the colonists: with no electronics, electricity, modern clothes or anything they didn’t have in the 1890s. Luckily Jen snuck her cell phone into the camp and texts her friends. One of Jen’s friends is taking a computer class and she makes a blog out of the tests that Jen sends her. You’ll find out that Nora competes with Jen for a guy, that Jen and her family struggle like all the other families in every day life and that Nora is a bossy know it all. See what happens in Little Blog on the Prairie.

If you read and liked Little House On The Prairie or like reading about colonial times you would probably enjoy reading this book. People in fourth or fifth grades would like this book.


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