The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

Reviewed by Cameron
In this book of magic and strange creatures four Princes Charming
join together to save a princess.

Duncan is the Prince Charming from the fairy tale “Snow White And The Seven Dwarves”, Duncan likes to name the animals in his backyard and isn’t really the type of prince to go on dangerous quests like battling dragons and fighting trolls, instead of these daring feats of bravery he chooses to play on his flute and eat picnics with Snow, not really what you would expect huh? Gustave is the thirteenth prince of the barbaric kingdom of Sturmhagen is the Prince Charming of the fairy tale “Rapunzel”, Gustav is a joke to his family and kingdom since he was supposed to save Rapunzel but the witch threw him off the tower and he was blinded, Rapunzel’s magical tears healed Gustav and restored his vision, again, not exactly what huh?

Fredrick is the prince of Harmonia and has never seen a single speck of danger, Fredrick is the Prince Charming of the fairy tale “Cinderella”, Fredrick won Ella’s heart by being the best dancer on the floor, yet again!! Not what you would expect huh? Liam is a hero, he battles dragons and faces trolls with out a sign of fear in his eyes, Liam is the Prince Charming of the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”, but she isn’t as beautiful inside as she is outside. This is the kind of Prince Charming you would expect!!

If you enjoy fantasy and fiction books with magic, this would definitely be the book for you!!

Hey Readers, this is a series, and the third book comes out this month. Come on up to the library and catch up on these hilarious reads!

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