The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy by Crystal Allen


Review By: Ava

13-year-old Lamar Washington LOVES to bowl; He would bowl all day at Striker’s (the place he goes to bowl) getting strikes 3 times in a row. Lamar’s great at bowling but with girls, now that‘s a whole different story. One time he asked out 4 different girls, on the same day!!!! He didn’t realize that they would all talk to each other about that and after school they wanted to know what was going on. They all cornered him and poor Lamar didn’t know what to do, so he panicked and said, “You took me seriously? I was just kidding around.” And guess what? There’s even more! Now Lamar is betting money on bowling games, now of course he’s winning but that may soon get him in to trouble. He bowls on a team with his so called “partner” Billy Jenks A.K.A. the troublemaker. Last but not least, Lamar’s older brother X A.K.A. Xavier the basketball savior is getting all the attention from his dad, and I know you’re probably wondering why doesn’t he get any attention from his mom? Lamar’s mom died from cancer the year before. So, so far his life is pretty messed up, will Lamar be able to fix it? Read the book to find out!!!!!!!!!
I think this book is a very good book and if you liked what you read, you should definitely read this book.

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