The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

millicentminReviewed By Mikala

Millicent Min Girl Genius is about a girl named Millicent who is really smart. I donʼt mean that as in smartest girl in her class, I mean she is eleven and is in high school. So smart she is taking a college course in poetry over the summer. Since there is such an age difference between Millicent and the kids she goes to school with she has no friends at high school and college and everyone her own age thinks sheʼs weird. Her grandma is like a friend to her. Millicentʼs mom signs her up for volleyball and she meets a new girl her age, named Emily. She doesnʼt want Emily to think sheʼs crazy and desert her so she doesnʼt tell Emily that sheʼs goes to high school and is taking a college class in the summer. Millicent is not good at volleyball so you feel her pain. When she does things with Emily you realize she is just a normal girl trying to fit in. For example, when she goes to Emilyʼs house and Emily shows her how to make jewelry she has never done it before and from her perspective it is really different from what she usually do, like read books and study. She is smart in certain ways but things like jewelry making seem strange to her. Another one of Millicentʼs problems is that one of her grandmaʼs has a grandson, named Stanford, who Milli has to tutor. They hate each other so when she tutors him they both get very angry at each other.

I think this book would appeal to people who have trouble fitting in or have trouble making friends. It might appeal to people who get teased for always getting right answers or people who donʼt get the right answer a lot.

Millicent doesnʼt usually go to the mall or care about boys, but Emily does care about these things, so Millicent sometimes ends up doing them with Emily.

“Emily is excited about going to school in Rancho Rosetta. “I bet the guys here are cuter than the ones in New Jersey,” she declared as she scoped out boys in the mall.

“I wouldnʼt know,” I muttered. I was adding our Taco Bell receipt to make sure we hadnʼt been over charged.Before I had a chance to tally up the tax, Emily got up and pulled me over to the photo booth.”
– passage from the book

! I think Lisa Yee did a good job, I thought all the characters were really interesting. She uses many different ways to describe the characters so you can picture everything in your mind very clearly. She did a good job describing Millicentʼs feelings, so you begin to root for Millicent to make it through all the different and difficult situations in which she finds herself.standfordwong

BNS/BCS readers, this book has one of the funniest opening lines ever — you’ve got to check it out! And then, check out Ms. Yee’s, STANFORD WONG FLUNKS BIG TIME (if you read MILLICENT, you’ll get to know Stanford and and how much he infuriates Millicent) and her most recent, WARP SPEED, which is absolutely wonderful.

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