A Fragile Girl with a Secret: A Page Turners Review of “The Mark of the Dragonfly” by Jaleigh Johnson

By Isa

51qbFK6iPyL._AA160_The Mark of the Dragonfly is about a girl from a town where only scrappers live. There are meteor storms often, and things from the other worlds come down with them. Scrappers live on these objects, selling them to get food.

One day Piper is out in a meteor storm, looking for her friend, braving the poisonous green dust in the air. As Piper wanders around after the meteor storm, she finds more than just objects. She finds an unconscious girl who cannot survive without her. They find themselves on a train, running from a man who would stop at nothing to get that girl. Will she stay with Piper and live, or will she end up with the man she calls a wolf? Why can’t she survive without Piper? Is it because she is so fragile, or because she is hiding a deep dark secret that she doesn’t even remember?

I really loved this book, because it has many details, some that could be possible, and some that are just fantasy. It makes a very good mix. The characters are well made, and very interesting. All of them started out in a bad place, and by the end of the book are in the best place that they could dream of. All of them have become better people, and their personalities are totally different by the end of the book.

When I finished this book, I was laughing because it was a happy ending, and crying because I had finished it, and the story was over.

I hope everybody who reads this book loves it too.

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