Don’t Judge This Book by Its Cover! A Page Turners Review of “Flyaway” by Lucy Christopher


by Isa

“Flyaway” by Lucy Christopher is an amazing book about a girl’s life. Her life may be different than others, but it is still her life. She and her father love birds, especially swans. They love them so much because the swans are so fascinating, and have such amazing features. It is a hobby that both of them have. They are running after a flock of swans one day, when her father falls, and gets really hurt. He has tons of operations, but throughout the time he is in the hospital, she meets Harry, a boy who doesn’t tease her about her fascination of birds. She finds a particular swan that acts very weird and she gets attached to the beautiful white bird.

This book is good for everyone, even someone who doesn’t have a particular favoring of birds–like me. The reason for that is because this book also describes what the hospital is like. The author talks about school, and being a younger sibling in a different situation than most younger siblings. Lucy Christopher does a good job of describing the scene to you, and how the main character feels at the time.

This book may not look so interesting, but remember! Don’t judge a book by its cover! Read the reviews, and the first few pages to see if you get into it. I hope you like this book as much as me!!!!!!!!!


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