The 5th Grade Review Club Presents: Katerina’s Wish by Jeannie Mobley

KW+high+res+coverKATERINA’S WISH

    Author: Jeannie Mobley
    Reviewed by Esmé and Cameron

    “This book by Jeannie Mobley is a must-read. It takes you all the way back when a penny was worth much more. Jeannie Mobley wrote it so well that you think you are in the book and you are one of the characters. It is so clear, you can make many different scenes in your head, kind of like seeing a movie.

    This book has many different adventures that lead you to a happy conclusion, but are all of the adventures worthy?

    The main character, Katerina, is a warm-hearted girl at the age of thirteen. She is an enthusiastic girl, a girl with a big imagination and a girl who is always enthusiastic about things — such as her wish. She does of course make some mistakes, but some of those mistakes are useful.

    Katerina’s family has always been there for her, but do they believe in her wish?

    That is something you will never know! (Unless you read it.)

    Readers who enjoy adventure will love this book and they MUST read it!”

    “I thought this book was very emotional and even magical in its own way. The book’s setting is from like the 1800s. I can’t necessarily say that there was an actual main character because everyone had a big impact on each other. I thought this was a great book and I encourage you to read it!”

    Two rave reviews–check out KATERINA’S WISH while it’s hot!

Mock Newbery Kick-off Meeting

The first ever BNS Mock Newbery Club met during lunch on Thursday! The Newbery Medal honors the “most distinguished” children’s book published that year, and the BNS students will pick which book they deserves the medal the most. These books are brand new, borrowed from the Brooklyn Public Library through an innovative pilot program between public and school libraries in New York City. Students have over thirty titles to choose from! The Club meets every Thursday and students will meet and recommend different books to each other as well as evaluate the books based on the criteria used by the Newbery Committee.

file9671307538042Today we got started by making bookmarks to remind us of the Newbery criteria while we are reading. We reviewed: Characters, Plot, Setting, Theme and Style. An interesting discussion followed debating whether a character had to be a person. We’re excited to see how that applies to our books!

Any BNS or BCS student may borrow the Newbery books, but in order to vote in the end ofJanuary the student must read at least three books and attend at least four of our lunch-time meetings. Reading with a grown-up counts, so we encourage all the students to give it a try!

6th Grade Book Club: R.J. Palacio’s “Wonder,” Cookies, More “Wonder”

UnknownThe sixth grade book club got underway today with our first ever book meeting. We’d all read about half of R.J. Palacio’s Wonder and met to talk about it over lunch and chocolate chip cookies  in the library.

This story of August, a disfigured boy leaving the safety of a home schooling environment to attend “real” middle school gave us lots to think and talk about. Should someone in that position go to school? What does school offer? Friends, connections, real teachers. What are the fears? Bullying. And what happens? You’ll have to read the book with us to find out!

The story also made us think about what makes a person lucky, what makes August lucky, and what makes each one of us lucky in our own lives.

Fun fact: Although the story is set in a fictionalized Hudson Heights, a Brooklyn-like community in northern Manhattan, R.J. Palacio lives in Brooklyn and is widely believed to have modeled the neighborhood of Wonder on Park Slope, with Beecher Prep a thinly veiled reincarnation of Berkeley-Carroll.

We’re going to stick with this story and meet again to talk about the conclusion on Friday Dec. 6th.

BNS/BCS Library Launches its First EVER Mock Newbery Club!

newbery medal Help Us Choose the Newbery Award Winner!

The BNS/BCS library is forming a Mock Newbery Club where we will read some of the contenders for this year’s highest awardfor children’s literature. Copies of these books will available in the BNS/BCS Library. Students will read several books and vote for their favorites in a January election.


About the Newbery Award

Since 1922 the John Newbery Medal has been awarded to “the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children”. Each year a committee of librarians, book sellers, reviewers, and professionals who belong to the American Library Association’s (ALA) Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) meet in January to determine the winner. This hardworking committee has read an overwhelming number of books and face an extremely difficult decision.You can read the award criteria here.The BNS/BCS Library is holding its own Mock Newbery Election. Join Us as we read some of the best books for children published in 2013!We invite parents and their children to participate in our discussion and voting. Stop by the BNS/BCS Library for more details.

Calling All 6th Graders…New Book Club Forming!


Like to read?

Join the…

BCS 6th Grade Book Club

Friday Nov. 1st


What’s a book club? A small group that reads a book together and meets to talk about it.

When will it meet? Every 2-3 weeks in the library during lunch. Bring a home lunch or quickly pick up a lunch in the cafeteria first. 

What will we read? Books you like! Our first selection will be Wonder by R.J. Palacio. (You’ll get a copy at the first meeting.) Part of each meeting will be deciding what to read next.

Questions? Email school parent, author, and book club leader Cathleen Bell at

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